The journey of Dalanda Mariama Bah and DAL’S Agro-Based Ventures


The story of Dalanda Mariama Bah began in 2023 with a simple, profound vision to harness the bountiful resources of our land to cultivate nutritious food and improve the livelihoods of local farmers. Dalanada Mariama Bah is a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture, the company started as a humble family venture, starting with a small plot of land with care and dedication.

Dalanda cultivates premium-quality brown rice using organic farming methods, ensuring superior taste, texture, and nutritional value. The brown rice is rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, offering health-conscious consumers a wholesome alternative to traditional white rice.

Dalanda is a pioneering agricultural enterprise dedicated to sustainable cultivation, specializing in brown rice and groundnut production. She is committed to environmental stewardship and community development and aims to contribute to our region’s food security and economic empowerment.

Dalanda is driven to make a meaningful difference in her community. She embarked on a journey of growth and exploration, experimenting with different crops and farming techniques to optimize yield and quality. Over the years, her commitment to excellence and sustainability has guided every aspect of her operations, from seed selection to harvest, earning a reputation for reliability and integrity in the agricultural sector.

Dalanda was selected to participate in the Investment Readiness Boot Camp, a prestigious program designed to prepare start-ups for investment opportunities. Through the Investment Readiness Boot Camp, she aims to unlock new opportunities for expansion, innovation, and impact. She aims to accelerate her growth trajectory and scale operations to new heights by connecting with seasoned mentors, industry experts, and potential investors. She completed the six-month intensive investment readiness boot camp and she is among the participants who receive their certificate.