Lettie Stuart Pottery 3 day workshop LHI visitors


Warm greetings from the Aurora Foundation, where the spirit of collaboration continues to blossom! We are delighted to share the exciting journey of our esteemed guests, the students from Listahaskoli Islands, Iceland University of Arts, as they embarked on a three-day pottery workshop at the Lettie Stuart Pottery School.

This immersive workshop, held in collaboration with the eight talented pottery students who enrolled in November 2023 at Lettie Stuart’s 18-month pottery school, unfolded with the aim of building handicraft skills, exploring the creation of textures from everyday items, fostering team building, and enhancing communication among the participants.

The three-day agenda was carefully curated to provide a holistic exploration of pottery, encouraging the participants to delve into their imagination and express themselves through the versatile medium of clay. The first day of the workshop was dedicated to skill-building. Our local pottery students, who have been honing their craft since November, generously shared their knowledge, creating an enriching exchange of skills and methodologies.


The second day of the workshop brought a unique twist as participants explored the creation of textures using everyday items. From the imprints of leaves to plastic bags and wooden surfaces, the studio echoed with the delightful sounds of discovery as the artists transformed mundane objects into intricate textures on their clay creations. Additionally, some of the students chose to explore expression through pottery. This added layer of creativity allowed for a nuanced exploration of diverse perspectives and artistic freedom embraced within the workshop. It was a testament to the inclusive and open environment fostered at the Lettie Stuart Pottery School, where artists felt empowered to push boundaries and express themselves authentically.

Team building and effective communication took center stage on the third day. Through collaborative projects, the students forged stronger connections, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries. The power of art to unite people became evident as shared visions emerged from the collaborative efforts, creating lasting bonds among the participants. The workshop was not merely about creating pottery; it was a celebration of the artistic process. As the pottery wheels turned and kilns brought life to the creations, the Lettie Stuart Pottery School became a hub of creativity, echoing the universal language of art.

Thank you for being a part of our artistic journey, and we look forward to continuing to weave the threads of creativity that unite us all.