Investment readiness training


The 2-day Investment Readiness Training for Entrepreneurs took place on 22nd and 23rd March 2023. The training was facilitated by John Wearing, who brought extensive experience working with SMEs and organizations like Invest Salone (ISL). The primary objective of the training was to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare their businesses for investment. The training had a total of 19 participants, and all entrepreneurs were eager to gain the knowledge and insights required to prepare their businesses for investment opportunities. The participants learned about the essential steps and requirements for attracting and securing investments for their businesses. During the 2-day training, various topics related to investment readiness were covered, including:

  • Understanding the investment landscape 
  • Identifying investor expectations and requirements 
  • Developing a compelling business plan 
  • Financial management and forecasting 
  • Pitching and presenting to investors 
  • Legal and regulatory considerations 
  • Due diligence preparation 
  • Building investor relationships 

The Investment Readiness Training provided a valuable platform for entrepreneurs to enhance their understanding of the investment process and learn the essential steps needed to attract potential investors. Through this training, participants were equipped with the skills to present their businesses in a compelling manner, navigate the investment landscape, and increase their chances of securing investment funding for their ventures. 


John Wearing, Facilitator