Empowering Girls Through Code: Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech


In a world driven by technology, where coding languages form the foundation of our digital age, the need for inclusivity and diversity in the tech sector has never been more apparent. At the Aurora Foundation Office a 3 week course started on the 16th of October and will finish on the 3rd of November.

Facilitated by trusted partners at Byte Limited, a company with a strong commitment to technology education and innovation, this coding course is poised to make a significant impact. Byte Limited’s expertise in the field, coupled with their passion for empowering young minds, has been instrumental in shaping the program.

The 19 girls embarking on this coding journey are all part of Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone (GESL). GESL’s mission is simple yet profound: to equip girls with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to break through the glass ceiling and pursue careers in fields where they have been traditionally underrepresented.

Why is it so crucial for girls to learn coding? The answer lies in addressing the pervasive gender gap in the tech industry. For years, women have been significantly underrepresented in this sector. By learning to code, girls not only gain valuable technical skills but also challenge stereotypes and pave the way for future generations of female tech leaders.

As these 19 girls delve into the world of coding, they are not only learning to program; they are scripting a brighter, more inclusive future. The importance of initiatives like this cannot be overstated, for they are planting the seeds of change and nurturing the next generation of female tech leaders.

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