Connecting Cultures, Fostering Creativity – Welcome to our LHI Visitors


Warm greetings from the heart of Sierra Leone! We are delighted to share some exciting news with you about a unique collaboration that has unfolded between the Aurora Foundation and a group of talented students and professors from Listahaskoli Islands, Iceland University of Arts.

On the 5th of January, our vibrant city of Freetown became the meeting ground for creative minds from two diverse corners of the world. The Aurora Foundation team extended a warm Sierra Leonean welcome to our Icelandic counterparts by hosting a traditional lunch at our office, featuring the flavors of Sierra Leone’s national dish, Cassava Leaf.

The collaboration between the Listahaskoli Islands, Iceland University of Arts, and the Aurora Foundation is more than just an exchange—it’s a celebration of artistic diversity. The students and professors come from various artistic disciplines, including acting, product design, architecture, and fashion design. The purpose of their visit extends beyond the exploration of artistic realms; it is a shared commitment to sustainable designs and fashion.

Our Sierra Leonean artisans are at the forefront of this creative exchange, engaging in enriching discussions and hands-on workshops. The Icelandic team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, aiming to support and inspire our local artisans in crafting new designs. The collaborative efforts are fostering an environment where ideas flow freely, transcending geographical boundaries and bridging cultures through the universal language of art.

At the heart of this initiative is a commitment to support Sierra Leonean artists. The exchange program provides a platform for our local talent to showcase their skills, learn from international experts, and contribute to a global dialogue on sustainable art and design. Through mentorship and shared experiences, the Aurora Foundation continues to empower and uplift our artistic community.

As we progress through this enriching cultural exchange, we invite you to follow our journey via our official site. Witness the fusion of artistic expressions, the blending of cultures, and the emergence of innovative designs that will shape the future of Sierra Leonean art.

Thank you for being part of this inspiring journey with us. Together, let’s continue to build bridges that connect hearts and minds through the power of creativity