Collaboration with Njala University


Aurora Foundation organized a 3-day Entrepreneurship Development Training from 9th to 12th May 2023 in collaboration with Njala University. The training targeted students who had a keen interest in entrepreneurship. Led by the team from Aurora Impact, comprising Mavis, Ismail, and Hasatu, the event aimed to equip participants with essential entrepreneurial skills. The training covered various topics, including an introduction to entrepreneurship, problem identification, developing a viable business idea, market research, the Business Model Canvas (BMC), regulatory aspects, and operations. The training methodology employed a hands-on approach, encouraging active participation through group work and interactive sessions.

With a total of 40 participants, the Entrepreneurship Development Training provided a conducive environment for students to enhance their entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities. The participants gained valuable insights into the intricacies of starting and running a successful business by engaging in practical exercises and group discussions. The course fostered a collaborative atmosphere, allowing students to work together and learn from each other’s perspectives. By the end of the training, the participants had developed a solid introduction to entrepreneurship, enabling them to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to real-world business challenges. The Training at Njala University successfully provided an enriching experience that empowered aspiring entrepreneurs and prepared them for their future endeavors.