Bootcamp session with the 18 MSME’s – 2023 Growth Acccelerator Cohort


Following the launch of the Growth Accelerator Programme 2023 Cohort the 18 MSME’s attended a 2 day Bootcamp that was focused on Goal Setting and creating a Business Model Canvas. The MSME’s were energetic and it was an absolute pleasure getting to know them better and seeing them in their element focusing on the development of their business.

The Growth Accelerator Programme isn’t just another program; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive world. Imagine a world where women entrepreneurs aren’t the exception but the rule. It’s not just about fairness; it’s about kickstarting sustainable development. When women succeed in business, it’s not just their lives that change; it’s their families, communities, and the entire global economy that benefits.

The 18 MSME’s who were chosen for the Growth Accelerator Programme 2023 Cohort are the following:

Malin Limited 
Saveway Beverages Ltd 
Women in Energy Sierra Leone Limited 
Grace and Co. Food Processing Enterprise 
Siko Max Enterprise
Sinava Women Agricultural Development Association Siwadafoods
Barbah’s African Bags and Shoes Investment
Jalimi Farms and Foods 
Lambano SL Limited 
Sanctuary Farms and Resorts 
Gobifo Women Farmers Association
Bo Vegetable Enterprise
Adam’s Gardens and Farm SL 
Bokatala investment company
Moawoma Rural Women’s Cocoa Development Cooperative Society
Green Life Farm Limited

We look forward to the journey ahead and thank the UNDP Sierra Leone deeply for the trust granted to us.

Here are some beautiful pictures taken by the talented Hickmatu Leigh; she was a part of Aurora Impact´s Cohort 3 – we are very proud of her and happy to work with her continuously.


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