Aurora Impact team visits the 18 MSME’s


The Aurora Impact team has just concluded an exhilarating country-wide tour, engaging with a dynamic group of businesses selected for the much-anticipated Growth Accelerator Programme 2023 Cohort. This initiative by the UNDP Sierra Leone, aimed at nurturing business growth and leadership, particularly among female entrepreneurs, entered an immersive phase as the team set out to gain an in-depth understanding of the businesses they will be supporting in the upcoming year.

Over the past month, the team’s journey has taken them through diverse landscapes and into the heart of enterprises that are as varied as they are innovative. The objective was multifaceted – to see the physical spaces where these businesses come to life, to observe their operations in real-time, to interact with the staff, and most importantly, to meet the women at the helm of each venture.

The visits were eye-opening; the team encountered stories of resilience, innovation, and ambition that resonated with the core mission of the Growth Accelerator Programme – to empower businesses to scale new heights. Engaging directly with the entrepreneurs provided valuable insights that are essential for tailoring the support and training that will be provided throughout the programme.

The impact of these visits cannot be overstated. Returning with „sparkling eyes“ and an invigorated sense of purpose, the Aurora Impact team is more hopeful than ever about what the future holds. This anticipation is not just for the 2023 Cohort but also for the ripple effects these empowered businesses are poised to create in their communities and the broader economy.

As the Growth Accelerator Programme kicks off, there’s a palpable excitement about the potential growth trajectories of these businesses. The Aurora Impact team’s pre-launch expedition has laid a solid foundation for what promises to be a transformative journey for the 2023 Cohort. The stage is set for a year of growth, challenges, and achievements, with the spotlight firmly on these enterprising women who are ready to drive their businesses forward.

Here are some pictures from the visits to the selected women-led businesses. All taken by Hickmatu Leigh.


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