The Investment Readiness Bootcamp has started!


On Tuesday the 10th of October the kickoff for the 5-month long Investment Readiness Bootcamp was held at the Aurora Foundation Offices. With enthusiasm in the air, the day was dedicated to Welcoming and Introductions providing a holistic understanding of the bootcamp and its potential outcomes. The participants of the Investment Readiness Bootcamp are all start-ups Aurora has previously worked with, either through the Start-up Accelerator or short courses.

The session had a clear and essential purpose: to cultivate a deeper awareness of the IR Bootcamp among the attending Start-Ups. The event unfolded as a full-day immersion into the world of innovation and business growth.

The Bootcamp serves as a vital platform for honing entrepreneurial skills, fostering innovation, and creating a robust foundation for Start-Ups to thrive. These insights were instrumental in guiding the Start-Ups through Goal Setting Activities, allowing them to articulate their aspirations and expectations from the Bootcamp.

As we move forward, the Start-Ups are poised for a journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery. This session served as a precursor to what promises to be an inspiring and transformative IR Bootcamp. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by these entrepreneurs reflect a shared commitment to building a better future through innovation and entrepreneurship.

💼 A Sneak Peek into IR Bootcamp 💼

Let’s dive deeper into the IR Bootcamp’s extensive program outline:

  • A comprehensive five-month training program with a robust curriculum.
  • Seven in-class sessions to impart vital knowledge.
  • Nine key topics covered, ranging from investment strategies to market analysis.
  • Three one-on-one sessions with experienced mentors.
  • Three pitch practice sessions to fine-tune their presentations.
  • Two monitoring and follow-up visits to ensure progress.
  • One thrilling demo day where they’ll showcase their innovations.
  • Advisory support services for personalized guidance.
  • Continuous access to opportunities for networking and growth.

Stay tuned as we accompany these determined Start-Ups on their path to success, working together to transform ideas into thriving businesses that shape the future of Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurial landscape.



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