Putting up a fight for the environment


Andrew Sahr. Noma is a member of Aurora Impact’s 5th cohort. His company is called Greentech Bioenergy. As the name entails his focus is on Green Technological solutions using Energy that is made from Biodegradable material.  We met Andrew to get to know more about his plan and his envision for the future, as well as seeing his prototype. He immediately started talking about his inspiration, and you can sense that he is determined and with a clear vision for himself and his company.

Abu Bakarr, from Aurora Impacts team and Andrew at the site of Greentech BioEnergy prototype

So what inspired Andrew to start this journey?

The Company Greentech Bioenergy was born, out of the passion to solve the poor waste management in the municipality of Freetown, while tackling the present lack of clean and affordable cooking energy in Sierra Leone. The capital city, Freetown is comprising of 1.2 Million people, in which less than 20% of the municipal organic waste generated by this population are recycled or properly managed.  The remains end up in our landfill, drainages and sea, all this pollute the environment. Furthermore, 96.8% of the Sierra Leonean population is completely dependent on firewood and charcoal for cooking (Statistics Sierra Leone, 2022), which has directly exposed the general population to so many respiratory diseases, such as: stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer.

In short, waste management is not in a good state in Sierra Leone. Severly hurting the environment and the population of Sierra Leone. That is why Andrew founded Greentech Bioenergy – to combat all these problems.

We were curious to know how exactly Greentech is going to do that, and Andrew explained:“by providing access to clean and affordable cooking gas, to do so we constructed a plastic drum biogas Digester technology, which is then used to transform our municipal organic waste (kitchen, poultry, factory, canteen and agricultural waste) into a clean Biogas for cooking, electricity and organic fertilizer for agricultural purpose.“

Which sounds absolutely brilliant, providing access to homes that are now mostly reliant on charcoal and firewood for cooking, resulting in respiratory diseases and pollution.

Greentech Bioenergy was founded on the 30th of June 2022, today it has been incorporated in Sierra Leone as the first waste management Biogas digester clean cooking technology provider! this company has their office located at the Allentown community, Freetown, Sierra Leone. In the year 2022, Greentech Bioenergy received a $2000 fund from the SOS Children’s Village for prototype and business concept implementation. Today, January 2023 this company has a workable prototype and has proved its concept.

As stated above Andrew is a part of Aurora Impact’s cohort 5 and he is looking forward to scale up his venture. To make a grand impact on the clean cooking sector in Sierra Leone, Andrew and his team at Greentech Bioenergy are open looking for investors and donors. Andrew explaining why he founded Greentech BioEnergy, in the back you can see part of the prototype!

We look forward to following Andrew’s story, and we are sure that he will make a great positive impact on Sierra Leone, its people and its environment.

To get more information about Greentech Bioenergy reach out to them via their Facebook page or Linkedin page


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